We offer the following services.

At Hexagon Geospatial Technology Service Limited, we provide world class services, it’s what we do, and we are very good at it.

We provide the following core services:

We provide a wide range of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems Services (GIS) such as building and management of geodatabase, general GIS mapping, satellite image analysis and geographic data collection.

We provide consultations, training services to our clients and also help Ministries, Departments, Agencies to use Geospatial technology to enrich operations, meet missions and communicate with the general public.

We provide our clients with high quality maps using Geospatial technology such as property map, assets map, utility map, study area map and other thematic maps.

We facilitate operations and decision making in Banks, Transportation and Telecommunication companies using Geospatial Technology.

Utility Asset Enumeration

Our GIS-Enabled Utility Asset Enumeration helps organizations to identify, capture and bring into a geospatial database all utility assets including their geographical positions within the distribution network. This gives the organization the ability to have a 360-degree overview of all their assets.

Aerial Mapping

Hexagon Geospatial Technology delivers efficient high and medium resolution imagery through its strategic alliances and use of latest platforms.

Digital Map Production

Hexagon Geospatial Technology produces large quantities of high orthophotos and Digital Terrain Models through Aerial Photography and Satellite Imagery.

Land Information Systems

Hexagon Geospatial Technology offers a Land Information System (LIS) that consists of an accurate, current and reliable land record cadastre and its associated attribute and spatial data which represent the legal boundaries of land tenure and provides a vital base layer capable of being integrated into other geographic systems or as a standalone solution that allows data stewards to retrieve, create, update, store, view, analyze and publish land information.